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Bjorn is immune to the really big headache. Here’s to hoping that Fae learned enough about using Dwarven abilities that she can gain that immunity. — I meant to add the last page of the tutorial up with Monday’s update but I was still recovering from the holidays. It is up now. Also, Eternity Complex… Continue reading 13


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Things could have gone way better. — When developing the Aquatians’ way of communicating I turned to ocean dwelling creatures here on earth, most notably whales. Whale songs are hauntingly beautiful and I thought their way of communicating over vast spreads of water would be nearly perfect for the Aquatians. However, since Aquatians are capable… Continue reading 18


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Other than controlling the movement of water, Aquatians can change the form they take. Aquatians have total control of their human appearance and often carry along pieces of clothing with them through the water in case they have to interact with humans.┬áThe only limit to an Aquatian’s human form is that they can not shed… Continue reading 19