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As much as Astor loves to play with people, he can and will hold a grudge until he has the chance to get even. My new apartment is a sea of boxes. This upcoming week is my last week of classes and the week after that is finals. My apartment may be a sea of… Continue reading 10


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Two Dwarven abilities will show up this chapter. The next page will likely make one of those abilities obvious and the other ability has to do with Bjorn’s cup. The Dwarves are typically very secretive with their abilities so as to keep up good trade relations with the humans (the humans think that the Dwarves… Continue reading 13


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Nearly everyone whose magic originates from the Demis can sense the magic around them. Most magical individuals don’t care enough about the ability to train it into a useful talent, Bjorn cared enough. Demi based magic signatures have a golden hue; spirit based magic signatures have a purple hue. If Fae didn’t have one of… Continue reading 16