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Due to technical difficulties that were in part self inflicted, I lost all comments and author notes associated with the comic pages. What is left of the original author notes will slowly be restored over time from what is up on the Comic Fury and Drunk Duck mirrors (minus anything date specific as the time stamps on all of the pages on this site are inaccurate up mid February 2012). There are some world building notes in the original author notes and if you like to guarantee reading as many of the notes as possible while catching up to current events I would suggest reading Eternity Complex on one of the mirror sites up until you reach Chapter 8. However, neither site contains all of the author notes but I believe Drunk Duck has more of the notes saved than Comic Fury.


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I’m so excited to have the redone prologue pages finally up. So unbelievably excited!

For any new readers the art and writing quality will drop off dramatically once you make it through the redone sections. If you are ever curious to see what you missed, the old pages can be found over here. The new prologue has a bit of a tone shift and I’m hoping that this time around it is a whole lot more obvious that the prologue is being narrated by an outside voice.

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